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Prof. John Aggleton

Prof. John Aggleton is a world expert in the neural basis of memory. His research has widely expanded our understanding of how memory is stored in the brain. He uses anatomical, behavioral and clinical methods to understand how different regions in the brain form connections vital for learning and memory.

Prof. John Aggleton researches how areas of the brain work together to support different forms of memory, such as recall and recognition. He has identified key subcortical areas vital for memory function — the diencephalon and the medial temporal lobe. He is now researching how these areas work together.

Prof. John Aggleton has been President of the European Brain and Behavior Society, and President-elect of the British Neuroscience Association and a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences. He has published over 200 scientific papers and won several awards, including a Mid-Career Award of the Experimental Psychology Society.

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