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Paulina Kaźmierska-Grębowska, Ph.D.

Dr. Paulina Kaźmierska-Grębowska studies neurophysiology and pharmacology of theta rhythm in the limbic system, especially the hippocampus, and its role in memory formation and pathology of epilepsy. She is also interested in the pathology of oxidative stress in the brain, aging, and Alzheimer's disease pathology. Her long-term goal is to develop new strategies to study the effect of newly developed psychoplastogens on memory-related behaviors.


She co-authors several publications including peer-reviewed original papers, reviews, and book chapters. She is the recipient of numerous national and international awards and scholarships, and she has undertaken several research stays both domestically and abroad including a 6-month stay at Stanford University. She has been involved in mentoring programs at the University of Lodz as a mentor, aiming to enhance the quality of education. She enjoys promoting knowledge and fostering a passion for learning by conducting open lectures, participating in recurring educational events, and having completed Postgraduate Studies in Coaching and Mentoring.

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