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Ravindra Sahu, B.Tech. 
MSc. student


Ravindra Sahu holds a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Technology from India. His research journey began at the Center for Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences in Action Lab at the University of Allahabad, India, where he explored the underlying neural mechanism for coordinating eye-hand movements with Dr. Supriyo Ray. This sparked his interest in the field of neuroscience.

Later, at the Medical Intelligence and Language Engineering Lab in the Indian Institute of Science, he contributed to a study focused on decoding speech imagery in individuals with post-stroke aphasia using EEG under Prof. A.G. Ramakrishnan.

Currently pursuing a Master's in Informatics, he is actively engaged in a research project aimed at improving memory with electrical stimulation of the anterior thalamic nuclei under the guidance of Dr. Maciej M. Jankowski and Dr. Michal Kucewicz. He's dedicated to advancing our understanding of the brain and mind.

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